Lean is a powerful concept pioneered by Toyota, which is now practiced by many organizations as a philosophy for Business Excellence. Both Six Sigma and Lean are adopted as strategies to achieve Business goals in most of the organizations. Lean exposes waste and non-value adding activities in the organization and Six Sigma helps to reduce variation in the process. Together they help organizations to significantly improve their bottom-line results and satisfy employees and customers. In a typical organization, less than 5% of activities are value-added!!! Rest of them are non-value added and increases product cost.

We have two strong approaches for lean implementation
  • Use of value stream approach: Focus on the big picture and to avoid isolated improvements
  • Development of 100 % employees on lean: To build a lean culture for sustaining results

We developed three programs on Lean keeping in all levels of employees in mind “Lean Vidhyarthi” In Sanskrit Vidhyarthi means Disciple. We recommend this course for 100 % of employees starting from CEO to front line employees. This course covers basics of lean, lean culture, metrics and tools. To qualify for this an employee has to attend 21 hours course, pass the exam and complete a small lean project. “Lean Shikahak” meaning teacher of lean in Sanskrit. This is mainly for facilitators, sponsors or project champions. “Lean Nipun” means an expert in lean applications. This is mainly for a few selected facilitators who need to implement lean at the strategic level and train the other two categories.