Business Problems and Solutions

Examples of Business Problems and Solutions


Problem Tool
Goals not balanced Balanced Scorecard
Goals not aligned and deployed Policy Deployment-Hoshin Kanri
Too much firefighting in daily management Daily work Management system/Managing and Checking points/Matured QMS
Poor Discipline/unorganized workplace 5S+ Safety
Poor Standardization Quality Management System
PDCA and SDCA Cycle
Root Cause known Kaizen/Just Do it
Waste and Bottlenecks Lean/TOC
Stability and Equipment failures TPM
Variation and Root Cause not known 6 Sigma DMAIC
Simple problem root cause unknown 5 Why analysis
Time constraint PDCA and Project Management
Stability and Equipment failures TPM
Design-Product and process DFSS
Total Employee Involvement QCC and Q7 Tools
Planning and prioritization M7 Tools