A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. But the key requirement is long-term commitment, Vision, Mission, and Strategies. We guide organizations in the development of Vision, Mission, and Strategies. Deployment of Strategies is done through a process called Hoshin Kanri OR Policy Deployment.Policy Deployment is a systematic method of focusing an organization on critical breakthrough areas by planning, implementing and reviewing improvement activities. Policy deployment has its origin in Japan where it is known as Hoshin Kanri. The word hoshin means “shining metal” or magnet. The work Kanri means “management”. Hence Hoshin Kanri literally means Management of Direction or Management For Objectives.

In this process, long term vision is converted into midterm strategies and Annual goals. Later they are further translated into quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. The deployment covers from top management up to the lowest level in an organization. This will ensure a high degree of synchronization of all functions and processes.

To support this we implement other systems such as:
  • Education and Training
  • Kaizen
  • Management Systems for standardization
  • Total Employee Involvement